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Congratulations to our Superb Debate Team!

Congratulations to our superb debate team who part took in their debate team final on Monday 25th April 2016. They have worked incredibly hard over the last number of weeks, preparing for debate during their lunchtimes and over the weekends. Well done on an excellent debate. Click on the image to see more of our debate team in action.

Busy at Maths

Senior Infants have been busy exploring and making constructions with Cuisenaire rods in Maths this month. The children have been doing Maths activities with the rods counting up to the number 10. The children have also been doing addition problem solving and playing Maths counting games. Exporing Cuisenaire rods. Building a stairs from number 1 - number 10. Piggy Bank game for counting up to 10 cent. On and Off the Bus game for counting up to number 10. Making stairs from number 1 - number 10 using Cuisenaire rods.

Helmet Safety Experiment with Karen

Karen our green school's officer came to several classes today to teach us about the importance of wearing a helmet. We performed an experiment using eggs and Styrofoam to see what would happen if we didn't wear a helmet. We also learnt the correct way to fit a helmet. Click on the image to see the gallery of our experiment and the helmet check list.

Terrific Tour for 3rd and 4th Class

3rd and 4th class went on a school tour on Friday 15th April. We walked to the luas and traveled to the city centre. It was very exciting on the luas. We then went to The Ark Theatre and enjoyed a fantastic performance by a string quartet called the Graffiti Classics. They played instruments that were a 100 years old. They played lots of great classical pieces like the can can. We learned lots of cool facts about music. We really enjoyed the concert. Click on the Gallery to see us on the luas and in the Ark Theatre.

Senior Infants April Aistear

The theme for this month in the role-play corner in Aistear in Senior Infants Class is 'The Doctor's Surgery'. At the play dough station the children are making letters, human skeletons, a human ribcage and dog skeletons. At the construction station the children are building constructions using Lego.

3D shape hunt by Ms. O'Donovan's class

We had a 3D shape hunt today. We searched our school to see what 3D shapes we could find. We are surrounded by 3D shapes in our environment. We then had to draw and name our 3D shapes on our record sheets. We had great fun!

Perfect Projects!

3rd and 4th Class have been busy at work over the last three weeks, completing our projects. We learnt how to pick a topic for our project, make a plan, research, take notes and write paragraphs and facts in our own words. We really enjoyed doing our projects. Come and visit our classroom if you want to learn lots of facts about Snakes, Australia, Kittens, Cycling and many more cool subjects. Click on the Gallery to see more pictures of our class projects.

Awesome Artwork by 3rd and 4th Class

We worked on making some 3D forms in our Art Lesson this week as part of our Clay Strand. We concentrated on making solid structures. Most of our pieces were made from joining cylindrical and spherical shapes and then etching into them with lollipop sticks and cocktail sticks to add texture and detail. Click on the Gallery to see more Awesome Artwork.

Sow and Grow Project in 1st Class

We are taking part in a sow and grow project by innocent smoothies. We planted our pea, cress and spinach seeds today. We are keeping a scrapbook and class diary of the germination and growth of our seeds and vegetables. Click on the image to see more pictures of us planting seeds.

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