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Wellbeing Week 2023

The wellbeing of every child is something that we hold in high regard here in Sruleen.
Children participated in a ten week wellbeing programme earlier this year.
Last week our pupils enjoyed our annual Wellness Week from 12th-16th June.
We kicked off this week with Mindful Monday. Children took part in meditations in their
On Thankful Tuesday, children learned all about gratitude and how important gratitude is for
positive mental health. Our Gratitude trees are now on display throughout the school.
On Wellness Wednesday, the whole school were treated to an ice-cream and in the afternoon
we all took part in our Annual Sponsored Walk.
On Triumphant Thursday, the children were encouraged to dress in a way that represents their
interests. Each class held a talent show in their classroom
Finally on Fun Friday, Infants- 2nd Class had a teddy bears picnic . 3rd- 6th played board
The children enjoyed plenty of other activities throughout the week.
Some of these activities included Drumming Workshop, Exercise Class, Ballet Class, Drop
Everything and Colour , Who Am I? quiz, Guess Who the teacher is.
Riddle of the day brought great excitement to the school, as children raced to Ms Mc Hugh’s
room with their answer.
To bring the week to a close, The Sruleen Music Club performed for the whole school.
We hope each child took something from this week and remember- Wellness is not just for
this week , it is important that each and every one of us mind ourselves every day.

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