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Creative School Project



This year our school was invited to participate in the Creative Schools Project in association with the Arts Council.

We are fortunate enough to be working with Dr. Clodagh Emoe as our Creative School Advisor.

Together with Clodagh and our team of teachers, snas and pupils we are working on the understand phase of the project

All About Clodagh

I believe that art is a form of enquiry, an explorative process that we can share together. My desire to explore our deep connection with each other and the natural world has motivated me to devise collaborative projects with artists, philosophers, botanists, writers, film makers, community groups and young people. Through collaboration and creativity we can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. I know that when we work together we can make something more ambitious and exciting than we could ever have anticipated.


I am really excited to be working with the Sacred Heart National School as a Creative Associate. My role is to help this fantastic school devise a Creative Plan that suits the needs and desires of the staff and children. We are embarking on the first phase – the Understand Phase. In the Creative School’s Project the voice of the child is paramount. Through a series of workshops we will finding what the children believe is important for them, we will listen to their voices, hear their ideas and learn what they would like included in their school’s Creative Plan. We also want to connect in with the families of the children and the local community so that our Creative Plan reaches out to the children’s wider world.










If you would like to learn more about the creative school project. Check out this RTE documentary about creative school projects in other schools in the country. 


Year 1: Understand Phase

6th Class Workshops with Clodagh







Indoor Forest Installation

Scroll through the gallery to enjoy our beautiful artwork. Video at end.
















What is Creativity?

Our classes made some mindmaps to explore the idea of creativity
















Walking on Sunshine Group Performance



















Art Class
art intro

Year 2 of the Creative School Project

Creativity at Christmas

Stay tuned to keep up to date on our next exciting project.

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