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School Clubs

Sruleen Christmas, Easter and Summer Camps
Sruleen runs three holiday camps during the school year. Camps include: Art, cooking, sports, swimming and other fun activities. Camps are run by Ms. O'Donovan, Mr. Stevenson and Ms. Flaherty

Sacred Heart School presents a musical performance on a bi-annual basis. Previous musical include: Journey to Oz (2013), Charlie and the Golden Ticket (2015), Magical Matilda (2019). If you are interested in partaking in a school Musical speak to Ms. Flaherty, Mr. Stevenson and Ms. O'Donovan.

GAA is run by the following teachers: Mr. Stevenson, Mr. Doherty, Mr. Scott and Ms. O'Donovan. Children (boys and girls) from 3rd class up can train and try out for teams. GAA takes place during school lunch breaks with some occasional matches after school.

 Choir is run by Ms. Breen. Children from 3rd class up can partake in the choir. The choir have performed in Balldonnel and in various School Mass services throughout the school year, including First Holy Communion and Confirmation services.Choir takes place during class time.

Art Club
Art Club is run by Ms. Fagan and Ms. McHugh. Children from 1st class up can partake in Art Club. Art Club classes take place after school on a Tuesday. They are run from 2.40-3.45.

Senior Sports Club
Sports club is run by Mr. Scott and Mr. Stevenson on a Monday after school. It is for children from 3rd-6th class. It finishes at 3.40.

Board Games Club
Board games club is run by Mr. Scott and Mr. Stevenson after school on a Tuesday. It finishes at 3.40.

Junior Sports Club
Junior Sports Club is run by Mr. Scott and Mr. Stevenson after school on a Wednesday. It is for children in 1st & 2nd Class. It finishes at 3.40.

Athletics is run by Mr. Stevenson, Ms. Kearns and Mr. Doherty. Training takes place during break times and after school on Tuesday.


Debate is run by Ms. O'Donovan and Ms. Flaherty from 4th class up may partake, in debating. The debate team has had very successful runs in the past and reached final debates. Debate team practice takes place during lunch breaks.

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