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Student Council 2023

Elections were held earlier in the year in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and Spraoi classes where children had a chance to vote for a child who would represent the voice of their class at regular Student Council meetings.   These elections resulted in the formation of our new Sruleen Student Council made up of 10 hardworking and enthusiastic representatives.  Each representative is linked with a younger class from Junior Infants to 2nd class which ensures that all classes have a voice.

Meet our new Student Council members!

To launch the new Student Council for 2022/23, the members of the council collaborated with all classes to find out “What We Love About our School”.

A huge positive response was received. Every child in the school had a chance to express what they love about our great school.  Some of our responses were - “I love playing our friends”, “we love the yard”, “I love the new Astro”, “I like Mr Kelly’s ties”, “my teacher is fun”.

The Student Council were invited to do a taste test for Carambola’s new hot food lunch menu for the upcoming school year. 

The Student Council helped the 6th class plan the Valentine’s Cake Sale.  The proceeds of this cake sale went towards buying P.E. equipment for the school. 

Our annual sponsored walk in Corkagh Park was planned by the Student Council

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