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Green Schools

We have a  Green School Commitee. Their job is to meet on a regular basis and to remind us about ways to help save and preserve the environment

In our school we always REDUCE, REUSE



We photocopy on both sides of the paper and recycle our paper very Friday

The Bright Sparks in everyclassroom make sure, we are not wasting energy. They turn off the lights when we leave and close the doors to keep the heat in too. 

The Uisce Gardaí in our school make sure we are not wasting water,

they check for leaky taps and sinks and report to Fin for repair.

We also have our forth Green School Flag. We looked at transport. We reduced the number of people driving to school and polluting our environment. Instead we encouraged children to walk, cycle, park and stride and carpool every morning.


Our Travel Moto is:

Forget the car, it's not that far.


Every Friday we have a Fitness Friday where each class competes for the golden boot, by having the most pupils using alternative modes of transport. 

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