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Celebrating our Sports Stars of the present and the future!

We had a chip party for all the children who represented the school so brilliantly in sports this year! The children have participated in GAA, camoige, football and athletics and we have had a lot of success as you can tell by all the medals on show at the ceremony but it has just been great to see so many children eager to participate in sport. There has also been a lot basketball training for the Fifths and Sixths over the course of the year and and the children really enjoyed those sessions and some have even been inspired to join Dublin Lions so hopefully they will keep progressing and enjoying the sport!

We also had a ceremony for the Girls Senior Football to present them with their Gold Medals for winning the League. We have also included a photo of our Sixth Class boys in their last ever football match for the school. The talent we have had in Sixth Class has been through the roof and we will keep a keen eye on their progress for their clubs after they leave Sruleen. They have inspired the younger kids in the school and we wish them all the best in the future!


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