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April, May and June in Mr Lawlor's 4h Class

The children had a very busy time since Easter. Please take a look at some of the super work they've done lately. A big thank you to everyone who helped along the way. Wishing everyone a lovely Summer break!


The children had a great day at Emerald Park on their school tour!


Procedural Writing - Using procedural writing the children got to write recipes, then make and judge the quality of their yummy cakes.


Visits to the Library - During these months we were lucky enough to visit the library for a stop motion animation workshop and an art lesson. The children learned lots about stop motion animation and how to make mandalas!


Our Novel - The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

The children did some wonderful work based on their novel.


History - Vikings

The children learned a lot about the daily life and history of Vikings. Here the children creatively construct what you would find in a Viking burial ground.


Well Being Week

Some additional photos of activities from Well Being Week


Drop Everything and Read (DEAR time)

We took advantage of the weather and decided to do our DEAR time outside in the beautiful weather


And finally we had a child leave us for greener pastures...


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