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A Great Day Of Races!

On Thursday the 6th of February, our running team participated in our first batch of races against 15 other local schools down in the race track beside the leisure centre. We are delighted to announce that we had our most successful day at the races since we first signed up to take part in them many years ago. We had a whopping six winners! These champions included brothers Luke and Zach Healy, Kesther Efe, Lee Victory, Abbie Kerins and Sarah Fagan. There were also a number of other excellent performances including Wiktor who finished second, Kayla, Sean and Brandyn who all finished Third and Jonathon and Dylan who finished Fourth in their respective races. However, all our runners deserve huge credit as they all gave it their very best and produced great performances. Hopefully, we can continue to progress as the year goes on.


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