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Hello everybody! Mr. Doherty here. First of all, I would like to thank you all very much for your really enthusiastic response to the skills challenge. I am hugely impressed by the level of talent displayed by the children in their chosen challenges! There were so many videos that were sent to me that it became a bit overwhelming and it was a bit difficult to keep track. Many of the videos will appear on the montage and many of the other videos will also appear as individual videos on the blog below. I received so many videos that it wasn't possible to post them all to the blog but hopefully anyone who sent in a video will appear at least once (either in the montage video or one of the other videos on the blog). If I missed anyone, it was an accident and I request that you email me to let me know that your child's video did not appear on the blog and I will upload it to the blog immediately but hopefully nobody was missed! It really is great to see so many children involved in sport and practicing their skills and hopefully there will be more opportunities for them to play sport later on in the year. I also just want to give a quick reminder to the teachers that ALL children who entered a video will receive a homework pass for their efforts at a time of their own choosing! Enjoy watching all the brilliant videos, everyone!

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