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September / October in Mr. Lawlor's 4th Class

Halloween - The children enjoyed the Halloween artwork we did in class and dressing up for Halloween.


Corkagh Park - In our visit, the Park Rangers spoke about the different plants and animals that live and grow in Corkagh Park.


Maths Week - The children really enjoyed doing lots of maths activities during Maths Week including surveys of their favourite snacks, pets, fruit, colours and worst fears!


Artist Trading Cards - The children have been working very hard making mini-artworks based on a different theme every week. We held an exhibition of the children's fine artwork to allow them to showcase their work and trade their cards with each other.


GAA - We were very lucky to have Dotsy O'Callaghan from The Round Towers GAA Club visit to coach the children in GAA skills in October.


Green Day & Surrealism Art - We had a no uniform day in Oct to support the Irish rugby team. We also did some wonderful work in Surrealism Art.


Conkers! - And finally we got to use the conkers we found in the park to play the age-old game of conkers. The children really enjoyed learning about and playing the game.


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