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Maths Week Nationwide (10 - 18 October)

Well done to all classes today. Maths Week in Sruleen got off to a flying start!

The Infants were busy doing their Ready Set Go Maths programme in the morning. They were busy working on the numbers 5 and 6, doing sorting activities and playing dice games.

1st and 2nd classes played fantastic Maths games in the afternoon with the Infants' teachers and SET team helping out. Some 6th class children also provided great help. There was a real buzz in all of the rooms. Well done!

3rd to 6th class carried out a range of Maths Activities: Maths Games, Maths Puzzles, Building with Jago Blocks and Embarking on Maths Trails looking for Angles in the School Environment. Super Work and great competitive spirit all round. The SET team cooperated also in this in-class work.

Also this week, we're doing a Maths Puzzle of the Day, one puzzle for the Senior end (3rd to 6th) and one puzzle for the Juniors (1st and 2nd). We have great prizes and we have our prizewinners photographs in the Maths Winners folder.

In addition, we're running a best classroom display/corridor display competition which will be adjudicated on the 23 October just before midterm. Prize for the teacher and class!

So far off the starting block are Ms Feeney's class (Jun/Sen Infants), Ms O Donovan's Class (1st/2nd), Mr Doherty's Class (3rd), Ms Byrne's Class (5th) and Ms Ryan's Class (6th). Well done to you all! The gauntlet has been laid down. No pressure!!

There will be a display of all Puzzle winners outside Ms Maguire's Room. Also Maths Week News from the national papers will also feature. This is the 10th annual national Maths week and Sruleen is determined to make it a memorable one. We're also registered as a partaking school on mathsweek. ie. Enjoy everyone!

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