Incoming Junior Infants 2019 Information

  1. All infants have been invited to visit their Junior Infants Classrooms from Monday 10th June to Thursday 13th June from 13:50 to 14:30. A max. of 15 children are permitted to visit per day. Sign up to a day of your choice after the Infant Information Day on Thursday 23rd May 2019. IF you do not choose a day. One will be randomly assigned to you.

  2. School will re-open on Monday 2nd September 2019. Arrive to the school hall at 10:00.

  3. 2nd -6th September 2019 junior infant children will arrive at 10:00 and go home at 12:00

  4. 9th-13th September 2019 junior infant children will arrive at 9:00 and  go home at 12:00.

  5. From 16th September 2019 on junior infant children will arrive at 9:00 and go home at 13:40.