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Mr. Kelly's Long Weekend Challenge

Watch this video of the 'Marble Run' Mr. Kelly and his sons made while learning at home. Now it's your turn to create a 'Marble Run'. Use all your design and engineering skills to be as creative and as imaginative as you can. Take a video recording of your 'Marble Run' in action and send it to sruleencompetition@gmail.com on or before Wednesday 3rd June 2020 at 12:00. Make sure you include your full name and class in the subject of the email. The best marble winner from each class (Junior Infants, Senior Infants, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th) will have their 'Marble Run' posted on the school website and will receive a cool prize in the post! Winners Announced on the school blog on Friday

Bright Future

Some children in third class have been writing poems about their time at home. Here is one about looking to the future and knowing that everything will be better soon.

Distance Learning in 3rd Class

Ms Brennan's class have been working so hard at home. They have been so creative, completed amazing research projects and been learning loads. Well done everybody!

Talent Competition - 5th & 6th Classes

Ms Kearns Class - Dancer Extraordinaire! Mr Lawlor's Class - The Magician! Mr Lawlor's Class - Katas in the Garden Ms Wogan's Class - Baton Twirling Brilliance! Ms Wogan's Class - Making a Classic Bird House

Talent Competition - 3rd and 4th classes

Ms Kerrigan's Class - The Dog Whisperer! Ms Kerrigan's Class - Super Group! Ms Brennan's Class - What super Tap Dancing! Ms Brennan's Class - A Beautiful Soulful Singer Mr Doherty's Class - Ballet Dancer Supreme! Mr Doherty's Class - Amazing Songstress! Ms Byrne's Class - A Skillful Martial Artist! Ms Murphy's Class - It's the Super Spice Girls!

Talent Competition - 1st & 2nd Classes

Ms McDonnell's Class - Girl Power! Ms McDonnell's Class - A Classy Gymnast! Ms Kenny's Class - A Brilliant Joker! Ms Kenny's Class - New Age Dancer! Love it! Ms Reynold's Class - A Great Imagination!

Talent Competition - Junior & Senior Infants

What amazing talent we have in our school! The children really outdid themselves! So sit back, relax and enjoy the many, many accomplished talents that are on show... (There were 2 winners chosen from each class) We'll start with Junior and Senior Infants! Ms Ivers Class - What a Lovely Voice! Ms Ivers Class - A Super Trad Singer Ms Leonard's Class - Amazing Interpretive Dancer Ms Geoghegan's Class - What a Dancer! Ms Geoghegan's class - A Talented Musician Ms Breen's Class - Irish Dancer with special guest Ms Breen's Class - A Great Groovy Dancer! Ms McElroy's Class - A Beautiful Dancer Ms McElroy's Class - A Happy Hula Hooper!

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