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Play our Poem

Click on the video to watch some of the children in our school read a poem about the importance of keeping a safe distance. Thanks to all the children who worked very hard to learn and perform this poem. Well Done Everyone!

Our Younger Children take on the Skills Challenge!

This is a montage of the wonderful videos that we received from the younger children in the school for the 'Sruleen Skills Challenge' - Our Junior Infants to First Class children. We are so impressed with the talent on show here. The children took on the challenges with so much enthusiasm and you can see so much sporting potential in these videos that it bodes well for the school's sporting future. Thank you to everybody who took part. We hope you enjoy the video.

Easter Bonnet Competition Winners

Congratulations to the designers of these beautiful Easter Bonnets Junior and Senior Infants: Luca I, Ben M, Erica D, Freya L, Sadie R, Ayann S and Amy B 1st and 2nd Class: Jaimee SB and Amy S 3rd and 4th Class: Sophia Kenny, Frances T, Ellie T, Emma K, Jack O'B and Sean C 5th and 6th Class: Kelsey K

Easter Poem and Story Competition Winners

Congratulations to the following fantastic writers who wrote these beautiful poems and stories. 1st and 2nd Class: Kaitlyn McC, Keeva V, Aarush S 4th, 5th and 6th Class: Frances T, Roxy L, Peter K and Christian L O'T

Easter Art Competition Winners

Congratulations to the amazing artist who created these wonderful pieces of art. Click to see all our beautiful pieces. Junior and Senior Infants: Marcos McKenna, Lucy W, Jack S, Sean R, Ivy C and Penny C 1st and 2nd Class: Keeva T, Emma L, Shane B and Noah W 3rd and 4th Class: Leila Dunne, Mason Whelan, Ellie T, Emma K, Shane G, Marcel G, Holly Ní T, Joanna P, Cara McD and Daniel C 5th and 6th Class: Kayla K, Ashley C, Kamile K, Lucy F, Daragh McI, Wiktor G and Chelsie C

A montage of all our best catches, solo runs and hurling skills!

Before you watch this video, we would like to wholeheartedly thank everybody who took part in the challenges. We are so impressed with the skill levels displayed. It was great to see some of our more experienced players rise to the challenge but we are also happy to see so many children who perhaps don't have as much experience give the challenges a go. We are proud of you all! We also want to ensure you that a very entertaining montage video which involves the younger children (Junior Infants to First Class) is on the way! In this video we have chosen to show you the best catches, solo runs and hurling skills that we received. It is a video that includes some of the most exciting GAA prospe

The Ultimate Showman!

This Senior Infants boy treats us to a number of very impressive soccer tricks! Not only does he display superb skills for a boy his age, he also knows how to ENTERTAIN!

The King of the Press Ups is a 7 year old!

There were many great attempts at this challenge sent in. There was even a girl in Junior Infants that produced a terrific attempt! However, this particular boy's technique was so impressive and it is hard to believe that a boy his age could have this amount of strength and endurance!

The overall Champion of the 2020 'Solo Challenge'!

This boy is one of the most talented Gaelic Footballers in the school and this video demonstrates just that as he achieves a whopping 59 solos in 30 seconds! And no, that is not a misprint! The video has to be seen to be believed!

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