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3rd and 4th have finished swimming

Today we finished our swimming lessons in the Clondalkin Leisure Centre. We had great fun over the last swim weeks learning to swim. We worked hard on floating, putting our heads under the water, the backstroke and even some DIVING! Thank you to our super teacher's at the pool for our great lessons.

Another Super Debate

This week we debated with St. Chomcille's National School. Our motion was: School Uniforms Are A Good Idea. What do you think? Click on the picture to look at some photographs of the debate getting ready and our excited audiance.

3rd and 4th Class Celebrating Shrove Tuesday

We celebrated Shrove tuesday by eating some yummy pancakes. We researched and found out that shrove means to be forgiven and also learned about a tradition in the UK called pancake races. This custom grew up because of a legend dating from 1445. On Shrove Tuesday one woman was still making pancakes as the church bells rang. Rather than be late she took her frying pan and pancake with her. Click on the image to see more photos of our class eating their pancakes.

6th Class City Scapes

Mr. Murphy's Class have created some fantastic city scapes inspired by James Rizzi. Click on the image to see more of their beautiful artwork.

Bicycles Workshops for 3rd-6th Class Students.

3rd-6th Class children were very lucky today to learn all about how to take care of our bicycles. It was very interesting. Click on the image to see some photos of our workshops. See if you can spot the ten bike hazards like we did.

The Big Travel Challenge 2016

This year our school is working towards our 4th green school flag. We are working on travel and transport, by trying to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly ways to travel to and from school. We are taking part in THE BIG TRAVEL CHALLENGE from Thursday 11th February to the 29th February. It is a nationwide competition with the winning school receiving a cash prize of 1,000 EURO. So everybody put your best foot forward and remember FORGET THE CAR, IT'S NOT THAT FAR!

Cool and Colourful Kandinksy

We looked at paintings by the russian artist Wassily Kandinksy. He uses lots of contrasting and complementary colours in his work. We particulary liked this piece. It is callend squares with concentric circles. He painted it in 1913. We painted our own Kandinsky inspired paintings. Click on the image to see our art work in progress.

Super Problem Solving in 2nd Class

Ms. Kearns class have been busy using their problem solving techniques of acting it out and using equipment. Can you solve this word problem??????? Click on the gallery to see how 2nd class did it!

Math Fun in Senior Infants

Ms. McDonnell's senior Infants have been having great fun making patterns in maths using coloured counters and shapes. We have also been using the rekenrek and cubes to count up to the number 9!

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