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www.duolingo.com is an excellent app/website that you or you child could use to improve their Gaeilge. It can be downloaded for free onto a smartphone/tablet and is an interactive way of learning Gaeilge.

Great God's Eyes

In 3rd and 4th Class, we have been working on our fabric and fibre strand in art. We used wool and chicken skewers to make God's Eyes a Native American piece of art. It reminded us of Charlotte's Web when Charlotte's spins webs in the barn to save Wilbur's life. It is very easy to make. They are really colourful.

Science Week: Pop-Up Ball experiment

Today we tried a pop-up ball experiment. Equipment: 1) uncooked rice 2) a bouncy ball 3) a jar with a lid Method: 1) Put the bouncy ball in the jar 2) Fill the jar with rice 3) Put the lid on the jar 4) Predict what will happen 5) Shake the jar 6) Observe and record. Why don't you try this experiment at home with an adult.

Making butter in Ms. O'Donovan's class!

As part of science week 1st and 2nd class made butter! It was really tasty! A simple experiment using cream, a jar, some salt and our strong arm muscles! We applied the force of shaking to separate cream (a mixture of water, fat droplets and protein) into butter and buttermilk!Great science week fun!


We collected 225 shoeboxes for our shoebox Christmas appeal this year. A huge THANK YOU to Ms. Kealy and her class for co-ordinating the collection. Well done Sruleen!!

Science Week Experiment: Will the egg float in salt water or fresh water?

The children in 3rd and 4th class conducted an experiment today. We wanted to find out wheter it was easier to float in salt water or fresh water. Here is a picture of our experiment. We used two glasses, two eggs, some fresh water and some salt water. We predicted, observed and compared. We learnt that it is easier to float in salt or sea water.

Bonjour from Ms. O'Donovan's class!

We have been learning all about France and we sampled some of the country's fine cuisine today. Croissants, paté, camembert cheese and the most popular food-pain au chocolat!!! C'était fantastique!!!

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